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Founded in 1995 by Federico Ballandi, Kontatto is an Italian fashion brand available on mylilly. With a forward-thinking vision, Federico Ballandi leads the company alongside partners Gianluca Goldoni and Stefano Trecchi. The name Kontatto originates from the idea of knitwear gently laying on the skin.Beyond knitwear, Kontatto specializes in producing and distributing 100% made in Italy women's clothing, available on mylilly. Located in the Centergross of Bologna, a strategic hub for fashion and commerce, we are driven by passion, energy, and intuition, always attentive to fashion trends.The three core pillars of Kontatto are creativity, quality, and variety. Our design office, supported by talented designers and international scouting sessions in London, Tokyo, New York, and Seoul, interprets and reinterprets international fashion trends. Combining Italian material quality with attention to detail, we offer a wide range of items available on mylilly throughout the year.

Our goal is to offer a total look in line with current styles and accessible to the public, including not only clothing but also bags, shoes, and accessories.